GLA Launches Website

Searching for information about thrilling opportunities available for youths in agriculture could be tasking at times, most especially in a country like ours Nigeria where accurate information is scarce to find and very little is documented.
GLA, despite these challenges finds it imperative to put out all the necessary and available information required for the success of our youths interested in the field of Agriculture on the world wide web.

Okayyy…waiti…waiti…make I yarn you small about GLA. GLA simply stands for Grooming Leaders for Agriculture, It is an organisation, providing a platform that is focused on reaching and building up of youths, providing them with all adroitness required to produce outstanding solutions in the field of agriculture. Click here to know more about GLA.
With the annual increase in the world population (UNFPA), forced displacement around the globe, urbanization and so on, we can feel the threat on food security and environmental sustainability. Therefore, the need for dedicated attention towards agriculture cannot be overemphasized. It is so much important to hint our children on the problem at hand and the challenges we are yet to face. It is also expedient to brace up the youths with knowledge, skills, innovations and opportunities that will birth forth critical thinking leaders that will find solutions to the world in the area of value chain development, environment and sustainable agriculture.
The GLA website promises to deliver such solutions and also build a strong network of youths in agriculture in the continent

GLA is in partnership with YPARD, Nigerian Women in Agricultural Research and Development (NIWARD), ProtectOzone Initiative and Agribusiness Academy

By James Adebisi…..GLA

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