The Grooming Leaders for Agriculture (GLA) program in its bid to build the capacity of its volunteers, has partnered with the Agribusiness Academy, a global institution to enroll its volunteers on professional training. This is in line with the programs aim to enhance the capacity of more young people through practical skills acquisition, knowledge and mentoring. Through this partnership, both organizations are grooming youth on an intensive and certified e-learning education platform to advance their knowledge on chosen careers.

GLA is a program aimed at empowering the youth to reach their highest career goals through education, hands-on training, mentoring, leadership and entrepreneurship. The program comprises of 3 phases. First phase “GLA Seniors” who are professionals in the agricultural industry offering mentoring, guidance, and experience sharing and growth opportunities to the volunteers. Second phase “GLA Youth Agri-Lead” is for young people who are building their careers around agriculture and “GLA Juniors” are students in primary and secondary schools studying agriculture and willing to expand their agricultural knowledge and skills.
The Youth Agri-Lead volunteers are the core of the program. They are mentored by the seniors and in turn are expected to share their knowledge and skills with the younger ones through adopting schools where they establish demonstration plots to showcase practical knowledge.

Some of the courses taken by the volunteers are on a strategic learning path. Courses such as: how to set up a food business, Agriculture basics, Food processing, Hot air drying for fresh produce, Tomato production management, Market chain in horticulture, Market realities in fresh produce, Business planning, Marketing of agricultural commodities etc.
The program has presently inducted 35 volunteers in Oyo and Lagos states and will expand its impact across Nigeria. Watch out for GLA volunteers in your neighbourhood! Cheers!!! See you in our next blogpost!
Proudly Supported by YPARD Nigeria, Nigerian Women in Agricultural Research for Development (NiWARD), EarthFolks, Agribusiness Academy

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