GLA program Secured Supply Business Contract for Mentee

Two members of the Olorisaoko Community Agricultural club tendering their vegetable

Mentoring of young people interested in agriculture and leadership is an important activity of the Grooming Leaders for Agriculture Initiative Programme (GLA). Professional Mentors with a passion for the growth of Africa’s agriculture are selected from prominent agricultural firms and research institutes for this course. They contribute their substantial agricultural experience in business, research, and development in supporting the volunteers to grow and develop in their own businesses and to pass on the experiences gathered in helping school pupils to see agriculture as an honorable profession.
One of the mentees of the GLA professional mentoring program that benefitted immensely is Kayode Oguntoye a Masters graduate of Sustainable Practice from the University of Ibadan. His journey with his mentor Mr. Seyi Oyenuga, the Executive Director of Atman Corps began in November 2017. Seyi Oyenuga directs the farm development, construction, food processing, and also provides ideas for innovative products and services in the Nigerian Cassava Industry.
With over 2500 hectares of land cleared and developed for their clients and over 500 hectares of self-managed farms by Atman Corps, certainly, they are proving to be one of the premier agriculture company in south-west Nigeria. The company also believes in a zero waste cycle approach to farming and processing to build sustainable and efficient systems to increase yields and reduce post-harvest losses. As farmers of cassava and processors of High-Quality Cassava flour, the waste generated is used for animal feed, crop fertilizer, and even energy to power their facilities. The mentorship exercise included professional guidance and majorly hands-on farm experience sharing and interactions.
“I got more exposed to the cassava value chain (cultivation to processing) since my mentor has 500-hectare cassava farm and a processing facility for High-Quality Cassava Flour (HQCF). I also designed a two (2) tons per day garri processing feasibility study together with Mr. Seyi to scale up the production of my product (Garri enriched with Coconut milk). Mr. Seyi uses modern technological tools to monitor his farm activities and he thought me how to fly a drone to get multispectral images of the farm and mapping of the farm layout. The images can also be analyzed to give information such as areas of the farm where the crops are not doing well, pest and fungal infestations and so much more” he recalled.
During his mentoring year, Kayode also adopted a community project called Olorisaoko Community Agricultural club, where he trained nine youths comprising of 6 boys and 3 girls, on how to cultivate tomatoes and amaranthus in the first planting season. The second planting season was more fun as he thought they diversified into the cultivation of Ugu (Fluted pumpkin), stacking, harvesting amongst other skills. ,.
Kayode’s most fulfilling experience during his mentoring year was securing a market linkage for the supply of commodities through GLA. He will like to participate in the mentorship program again and would recommend it to any young person committed to becoming a professional.

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