The Unimaginable Power Of the Youthful Mind by FALODE Oladayo Matthew


It is no longer news that youths are the leaders of tomorrow, but it is a pity that the saying is drastically losing its relevance and potency among the youthful population in Nigeria. The perceived loss of relevance and potency of the saying is not far-fetched, as larger populations of the Nigerian youth are ignorant of the power of their mind to do unimaginable exploit that is capable of announcing them to the world as the true, great and visionary leaders of tomorrow.
Come to think of it, have you ever taken time to analysis the way you think, relative to the youths around you and in other parts of the world? A careful look into this would give you a clearer picture of the kind of youth you are, the kind of youth population the nation is filled with, in comparison to the youthful population in other countries of the world.
You need to know at this very crucial time that you are what you open your mind to; hence there is a need to critically examine what you feed that your receptive mind with. The primary points of entry into the mind are the five-senses (Eyes-seeing; Hear-hearing; Skin-feeling touches; Tongue-tasting; Nose-Smelling).
The plain truth that must be known at this juncture is that there is no youth anywhere in the world who is lacks all of these aforementioned entries into the mind. This means that no matter who you are, whether physically challenged of not, you will have at least one of these entries to allow you gain access into your mind. The implication of this statement is that no youth can be overlooked as an underdog who can never amount to something meaningful.
As a youth who is sincerely craving for positive changes in the nation, you need to know that everything you do emanates from the mind and you can attain unto any heights you can ever think of. Remember that if it is imaginable, the unimaginable powers embedded in your mind are capable of making all your seemingly big imaginations achievable within the space of time.
To attain greater heights of development in our nation Nigeria, it is high time we the youths of this great nation began to relentlessly explore the unimaginable powers of our minds to identifying the cogent roles that we must play.

Some of these roles are:

Acquiring the relevant knowledge that will adequately equip our mind for a better Nigeria.
Reading and Listening is a vital way to broaden the mind, read anything that can contribute immensely to your all-round growth. Your mind works by taking in some pieces of information and discarding some, this is how you feed it. The implication of this is that you can feed your mind either with what is good or bad. The big question now is, ‘what are you feeding your mind with?’

Making the society a place you would like to dwell, earnestly wish to raise your children and ultimately want to be ranked extremely high among the comity of nations.
The enviable height you desire Nigeria to attain simply begins with you. This is where the environment plays a vital role in the development of a nation. The kind of atmosphere you create in your immediate environment will go a long way in determining the scope of reasoning of the people within such environment, which will on a long run determine the level of success that would be recorded in such environment. What are the things you hear or listen to in your environment? Your environment could be your peers, your school, your family, your community or location at any given point in time.

Believe in yourself.
Have you ever noticed that whenever a lizard falls from a height, it nods its head and moves ahead? That is an indication that the lizard believes in itself to go the extra mile. Life coaches, motivational speakers, religious leaders all help you by psyching you up to arouse your thinking and boost your mind. Little wonder Thomas A. Edison was able to invent the electric bulb after hundreds of failed attempts. Those failed attempts taught him hundreds of ways in which electric bulb cannot be done. Therefore as a Nigerian youth, you need to strongly believe in yourself, see your past series of failures as stepping stones to the series of successes you are looking forward to achieving.

Embarking on a rescue mission.
As a vibrant Nigerian youth who hopes to see the Nigeria nation ranked extremely high among the comity of nations, the time is now to seriously embark on a tireless rescue mission to save the country from the impending doom predicted by scholars, analysts, and observer around the world. In the mission of making the United States of America a great nation, an average American would muster the courage to say God bless America, simply because the Americans believed that the American nation is a workable project. It is very pertinent at this point for the Nigerian youths to know that the Nigerian nation is workable. This orientation in its own has the capability to positively motivate the Nigerian youth to want to endlessly rediscover ourselves to contributing our own quota in the mission of resuscitating the glory of our nation Nigeria. Remember, if you fail in the times of adversity, your strength is small. What are you still waiting for, the solution begins with you.

God bless Nigeria!

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