Mission and Vision

Who We Are

An agricultural incubator empowering the youth to reach their highest career goals through education, hands-on training, mentoring, leadership and entrepreneurship.

Key areas

  • Organic agriculture
  • Environmental conservation
  • Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship


Become an SDG program that will establish good foundational skills for inclusive and quality agricultural education, ensure sustainable production patterns, take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts, end hunger, poverty, malnutrition, ensure good health, gender equality and partnership for the goals in Africa


To become a world-renowned youth incubator for excellent skills needed for Agricultural development


Committed to contributing our part in creating a world that is food secure, environmentally and economically secure,

  • Promote environmental sustainable culture among young people and their sphere of influence (friends, family and community)
  • Build climate-smart agriculture skills into young people to produce more food and reduce post-harvest losses
  • Building agricultural entrepreneurs that will be ready to tackle challenges for the food future through research and development
  • Incubate young scientists into solution, demand-driven research careers
  • Engage young minds actively and effectively to reduce juvenile delinquency and youth unemployment/underemployment

What we do

  • Manage a network of volunteers to mentor high school agricultural students
  • Train GLA volunteers with agribusiness skills, climate-smart skills and environmental skills
  • Engage a mentoring network of successful Female Agricultural professionals to mentor volunteers
  • Establish agricultural school clubs managed by volunteers
  • Follow up and publish stories of change resulting from the chain of network mentoring
  • Organize 2 annual competitions for school agricultural clubs and for GLA volunteers